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images of black lesbians at various ZAMI NOBLA events

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Are you a Black Lesbian or Queer Woman 40 years or older?

ZAMI NOBLA's email list is a great way to stay informed about issues affecting us as we age.

This list serve is for information, networking, discussions and
friendly debate.

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A List for ALL Lesbians

The ATL ZAMI email list is great for lesbians of all ages and ethnicities. Join today:

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Join us for a Sweet Event!!

women sweet on women image with pictures of Nikky Finney, Trey Anthony, Maisha Aza, Kyndra Frazier, and Doris Davenport

Women Sweet on Women

A few kind and thoughtful, various different thinking women, who are all very sweet on women, very sweet on who women are, how women move through the world, how they live and love and hurt, what they think and know, and want to know more deeply, are coming together for an intimate conversation.











“We must recognize and nurture the creative parts of each other without always understanding what will be created.”
– Audre Lorde




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various photos of black lesbians